Light grey sliding doors opening up into the lounge and pool area from the living room of a Perth home.At Open Windows and Doors we have a brilliant range of sliding doors and windows that offer the optimal combination of functionality with modern style and elegance.

Sliding doors and windows can really open up a space by minimising obstruction at the same time as optimising ease of use.

Here’s a quick guide to the many advantages of sliding doors and windows, and how they could really unleash the potential of your home.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are easy to operate and should slide freely using one hand. They can offer a widescreen or a landscape view to beautifully frame the outside view from your home. This can be a wonderful way to enhance the outlook onto a great view or beautiful garden.

Our sliders incorporate very effective seals to increase energy efficiency – helping to stabilise the temperature of your home or office. This performance can be maximised with our double glazing options. A well sealed window will also help insulate against noise.

Sliding windows are also a great idea for families with young children. Sliding windows are amongst the easiest to operate, and because they slide open within the frame line there is nothing projecting out to create a hazard. Combined with our tough aluminium frames, our sliding windows are the perfect durable choice for a young family!

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a terrific addition to any home or office space, allowing much more natural light than more heavily framed door options like hinged or bifold doors – and much more than many windows – offering near floor to ceiling exposure.

Sliding doors that open from a living or kitchen area to a patio can open up the space dramatically, providing the option of a continuous living space from indoor to outdoor. With the addition of a sliding or retractable screen option you can get all the benefits of easy communication and visibility while keeping out those pesky insects!

With sliding doors it’s easy to adjust ventilation by opening the slider just a small amount or fully to maximise the relief offered by cooling breezes.

Our aluminium sliding doors are strong but free-rolling, making them perfect for repeated use in high traffic areas of your home. This is especially helpful for young children, who have more difficulty operating doors and might inadvertently mishandle them. Sliding doors prevent the possibility of banging doors into walls or pulling them off their hinges.

Sliding doors are great for alfresco dining areas, making it easy to bring food from your kitchen to your outdoor entertainment space.

Our sliding doors are well sealed and energy efficient. Combined with our double glazing options, you can get great insulation for your home in addition to the light and visibility offered by glass panels – the best of both worlds!

Sliding doors and windows offer a perfect balance of value, safety, and modern style – particularly for heavy traffic areas or where you want to open up a space. Contact us today to discover the many benefits of sliding doors and windows in your home!