Close up of vantage security lock on window of a Perth homeIt goes without saying that windows and doors are obvious points of entry when someone decides to break into your home. While many people’s main focus is on the aesthetic and functional values of doors and windows, it’s important to remember that they are potentially one of the most vulnerable points in your home – and so you need to think hard about how best to secure them. Feeling safe and protected in your own home is paramount and the best way to do this is by having secure windows and doors!

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Want to make sure your house is safe from intruders? Here’s a quick guide to ensure both you and your belongings are protected.

Securing Windows

The way a window is secured effectively will depend on the style of the window, but all windows in your home should have a way to be locked effectively. Many insurance companies require that you have keylocks on all windows, or they may charge a higher premium if you don’t! Other ways to improve security include using security laminated glass and adding security screens which allow you to ventilate rooms without compromising security.

Some of the different types of windows and lock options include:

  • Awning Windows:

An awning window is a window with the sash hinged at the top, such that the bottom of the window extends outwards – usually by rotating a winder arm. Awning windows are commonly secured by a keyed lock that is integrated into the winder mechanism (which we supply as standard hardware), which allows the window to be locked in a partially open position although fully shut is always more secure. You can also choose to fit a secondary keyed latch for when the window is fully closed or fit a security screen to feel safe while providing ventilation.

  • Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have a moveable upper and lower panel that slide vertically. These windows can be more difficult to secure because of the two moving panels but can have a keyed latch attached at the meeting rails (our standard hardware). Alternatively, a security screen can be fitted to allow peace of mind while ventilating the room. Unlike many double hung windows which have restricted cleaning access to the outside of the glass when a screen is fitted, ours have a simple inward tilting function for ease of cleaning!

  • Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are comprised of two or more rectangular panels that slide horizontally to open and close. A keyed lock can be installed to latch the sliding panel to the meeting stile of the fixed section, and many also have a shoot bolt incorporated so the window can be locked in a “vented” position (which we provided as standard). A security screen can also be fitted to allow full ventilation while still keeping out bugs and larger intruders.

Securing Doors

Doors are intended to be an access point, so are often the first place a burglar will attempt to gain access to your home. Ensuring your doors are secure is the first step towards greater security. Exterior doors can be secured effectively with a deadlock, and most insurance companies will require these and may charge higher premiums or not offer cover without them. A deadlock has a key on either side of the door and when locked require a key to open the door from inside or out. This means that if someone gains access to your home through a window for instance, they won’t be able to open doors to easily remove large items. Security laminated glass can also be used to prevent break ins through the glass and security doors will add a second layer of protection while allowing secure ventilation when you’re at home.

Choose Aluminium

When fully closed and locked, aluminium windows and doors are incredibly strong and difficult to breach. The durability of aluminium means that the integrity of the frames will last a lifetime, unlike some other frame materials which can deteriorate over time.

Exterior windows and doors made of wood may weather over time, and uPVC frames are generally recommended to be replaced after about 20 years because the framing will degrade from exposure to the elements. Aluminium is a highly durable material when properly finished so is a great choice for added security over time.

Double Glazing

Double glazed units have two layers of glass, which automatically adds an extra layer of security. Crime can often be spontaneous and opportunistic so having an extra layer of glass can act to dissuade those seeking to break in by making their life a bit more difficult.

Beauty, security, and functionality can all be combined to suit your window and doors. Contact the friendly team at Open Windows and Doors today for all your window and door needs!