Aluminium Sliding and Stacker Doors in Perth

Aluminium sliding doors and stacker doors are a great option if you want wide, open doorways but don’t have space to accommodate folding doors. Modern sliding doors are very elegant and are often recessed flush with your floor level to reduce trip hazards and make the indoors flow into your entertaining areas. Stackers allow multiple sliding panels to stack behind one another, creating a wider open doorway than traditional sliding doors.

Why Choose Sliding Doors?

Sliding and stacker doors offer a range of benefits for Perth businesses and homeowners.

Some of the reasons to choose these doors are:

  • they allow much more natural light than traditional doors or even most windows
  • the simple addition of screen options to keep out insects, or larger intruders
  • aluminium sliding doors are very easy to use – just slide them open and shut – making them great for areas with a lot of foot traffic
  • greater access to the calming outdoor greenery, even when closed
  • the construction of these doors allows them to create a very tight, energy-efficient seal when closed, especially if you opt for double glazing
  • large glass doors can make small spaces feel roomier by breaking down the barrier to the outside and introducing natural light
  • for parents, sliding or stacker doors offer a great way to let your children play outside on their own while still monitoring them

Powder-Coated Colours to Suit Your Style

Our aluminium sliding doors come in a wide range of colours to suit the existing colour scheme of your home or business.

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