French doors are the perfect way to add a touch of provincial charm to your home. Not only that, but French doors offer easy functionality as well as their aesthetic value.

French doors have a beautiful sense of proportion – a real human feeling that can bring a touch of old-world Europe to our southern land.

But what are some of the other advantages of French doors? The team at Open Windows and Doors explains all you need to know to get you excited about French doors!

Some Benefits of French Doors

 Access and Functionality

French doors are highly practical. One or both door panels can be opened to create a narrow or wide doorway, according to your needs. They are a great way of opening up a living area or even an office space. Not only that, but whether open or closed French doors still present as beautiful and stylish, giving your home a distinct sense of provincial charm at all times.

French doors can easily be customised to create more privacy as well. The addition of obscure or patterned glazing options, or by adding blinds on top can give you control over the light and privacy you need.

The View

French doors are perfect for opening up onto a view. While closed you will get framed glimpses of what lies beyond and when fully open they will unveil the full vista behind them. The method of opening them is easy too, and the simple action of swinging doors open can add a dramatic flourish when revealing a particularly lovely view. Replacing an existing window with a French door can increase mobility around your home as well, adding a natural flow of movement as well as added practicality.

Added Value

French doors certainly add a dimension of class to homes. But in addition to the more upmarket look that French doors provide, they also provide a level of functionality, as do all door varieties. This means when you’re selling your home that French doors are a great option because the added sense of elegance gives good “bang for your buck”!

For homes that already have a certain European look, adding French doors can complete the picture. Doors are a feature and focal point of attention for viewers and potential buyers, so don’t sell your European aesthetic short for lack of French doors!

Open Windows and Doors French Doors

Our aluminium French doors offer the added benefits of strength, durability, and security over and above many timber French doors. Our doors come in a wide range of sizes to suit any doorway, and we can powder-coat a wide range of colours to suit your style, as well as offer options such as double glazing for superior insulation and security.

For enquiries regarding our exciting aluminium French doors – or for all your door and window installation needs – contact the expert and friendly Perth team at Open Windows and Doors. We will open doors to your home’s potential!