Double Glazing for Windows and Doors in Perth

At Open Windows and Doors, we can offer double glazing for all of our aluminium windows and aluminium doors. This means a slightly higher up-front cost, but the benefits are more than worth it. In fact, in the long run, double glazing should save you far more money than it added to the initial price tag of your doors and windows.

Why We Use Double Glazing

The advantages of double glazed doors and windows over their single glazed counterparts are so great we believe every Perth local deserves them. They will make your life more comfortable and save on energy costs. By carefully customising your double glazing selections, such as including tinted and/or low E glass where it’s needed most you can get the best bang for your buck!

Warm Your Home in Winter

Standard windows and glass doors can be responsible for up to 70% of heat loss in buildings. Double glazing will cut that figure dramatically, while also trapping useful heat that enters from the sun’s rays. The energy savings will add up very quickly. Upgrading to double glazing that incorporates low E glass will increase this performance – low E glass has a metal oxide treatment that helps reflect back some of the heat that tries to escape through your glazed surfaces!

Cool Down in Summer

When closed, double glazed windows and doors insulate your home against extremes of temperature. The glazing creates a barrier to the hot air outside, in much the same way as ceiling insulation batts do in your roof, reducing the heat passing through your windows on hot days. This is especially important with large areas of glass such as bi-fold and sliding doors which have large surface areas exposed to the outside air. Upgrading to double glazing that incorporates tinted low E glass is highly recommended for areas exposed to the sun – low E glass has a reflective metal oxide treatment and tinted glass is heat absorbing so when combined this helps reduce radiant heat from direct sunlight!

Less Condensation

Double glazing also helps to reduce the build-up of moisture on windows and doors. This is important because too much condensation contributes to mould and mildew that can contribute to health issues and can cause damage to surrounding surfaces over time.

Noise Insulation

Double glazing will reduce external noise and when made from the right glass selections will create a significantly quieter home or office. This is especially important for properties near busy roads.

Boost Your Home’s Value

Double glazing is a simple, effective way to increase the resale value of your home. In older homes, double glazed doors and windows can make a huge impact on the home’s value due to the added insulation they provide.

Tougher Glass, Tougher Security

When windows and doors are double glazed there are two layers of glass to break. Considering most break-ins are crimes of opportunities, glass that takes twice as long to break through is a good burglar deterrent.

Get in Touch

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