Contemporary in design and aesthetic, modern aluminium windows are cost-effective, highly functional and require minimal maintenance. Open Windows and Doors have been a leading supplier of aluminium windows in Perth since 2012. If you are building or renovating and considering installing aluminium windows, here’s a few things you should know.

They Are Incredibly Durable

Aluminium is a lightweight material yet it’s incredibly strong and robust. Capable of resisting every day wear and tear that other windows may be susceptible to, aluminium windows are corrosion resistant and weatherproof. They can last for decades and require minimal maintenance. When coated in a suitable anodised or powder-coat finish, aluminium windows and doors are resistant to corrosion from rain and weathering from heat and UV rays, making it suitable for use in our harsh Western Australian climate and extreme coastal areas.

They Maximise Views

Aluminium windows are capable of much slimmer frame members than timber or uPVC windows, meaning more light can enter rooms less obstructed views – perfect for darker houses and homes that wish to enhance views to surrounding gardens and outdoor areas.

They Can Be Easily Recycled

One of the world’s most easily recyclable materials, aluminium windows can be melted down and turned into other useful products at the end of their lifespan as windows. This makes them a great option for eco-friendly homes.

They Provide Increased Security

Aluminium itself is an incredibly strong material, however, by incorporating multi-point locking systems and additional security features such as shoot bolts and security screens, aluminium windows offer exceptional levels of safety and security. The strength of aluminium windows will make your property far more secure and far less likely to be appealing for potential thieves.

Facts About Aluminium

There’s no doubting that aluminium is one of the best materials for your windows and doors. Aside from the impressive benefits outlined above, here’s a few facts about the material itself that you may find interesting:

  • It is the most abundant mineral on Earth after oxygen and silicon and is present in more than 270 minerals. It is also the most abundant metal found naturally on Earth.
  • The process for creating commercially viable aluminium was invented in 1886 and is still used today.
  • Approximately 75% of all aluminium ever created, is still in use today.
  • Aluminium is around a third of the weight of steel or copper.
  • Aluminium is very ductile, and it may be shaped into everything from bicycle frames to kitchen utensils.

At Open Windows and Doors, we offer a complete range of aluminium windows in Perth, including bifold windows, sliding windows, louvre windows and more. Also complemented by a wide array of custom aluminium doors for domestic or commercial use. If you’re looking for the best windows for your new home or renovation project and would like more information, contact us for a no obligation quotation or visit our Canning Vale showroom today.