It can be overwhelming and confusing choosing doors for your home as there are endless options on the market – hinged doors, bi-folding doors and French doors all have their place in certain houses and buildings however sliding doors have become increasing popular and it isn’t difficult to see why. Sliding doors are a practical and stylish option and they have many design and functional benefits so let’s take a look at the top 5.

Space Maximisation

Cluttering an area with doors can make it appear small and disjointed. Sliding doors will save space in your home as they operate without hinges, they simply slide over each other on a track rather than swinging open so there’s no need to make space around the doorway for them to open. This can make small spaces look and feel bigger than they actually are and can turn an unusable corner into a more functional area.

Create an Easy Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Bring the outdoors in and create a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. Sliding doors have large panels of glass with minimal framing which allow for uninterrupted views of your outdoor entertaining area, your backyard, or scenic views. Perfect when entertaining, simply slide right open and create a large unified, spacious area for your guests to enjoy.

Increase Natural Light

The extra large panes of glass in sliding doors will maximise the natural light pouring in from outside, so much so that you may not even need lights on during the day. Opening rooms up to all this extra light can help to create a warm and bright atmosphere throughout the home.

Increase Airflow

A large sliding door can significantly increase airflow and circulation throughout the home. Opening the door and allowing a cool breeze in can reduce your cooling costs in summer and will improve the air quality inside through continuously circulation. Flowing air will ensure a fresh feel and smell throughout the home and reduce the risk of mould or dampness appearing, keeping your family healthy. It’s also easy to add screens to sliding doors to keep insects out while you ventilate your home.

Easy Acccess

Often there’s large furniture pieces or appliances that need to be moved in or out of the home and many times these items are too large to fit through a regular doorway. The larger size of sliding doors will allow for very easy access of such things as fridges, couches and dining tables so moving or replacing these will not be an issue.

These are just a few of the wonderful features and benefits of incorporating sliding doors into your home. Modern, stylish and available in eco-friendly and energy efficient options, there’s no question that sliding doors are both a functional and practical solution and will suit almost all architectural styles.

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