Large glass bifold doors of a house in perth

Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting and worthwhile experiences you
have in your lifetime. Generally speaking, once you reach a certain age, moving
home means that you’ll be embarking on an adventure that will find you looking into
an investment property or a long term home.

If you’re moving into a new home for the foreseeable future, then it’s important that
you make sure the home fits all your needs – functional and aesthetic.
Windows and doors are amongst the most important features of your home, both
practically and aesthetically – and certainly something you’ll have frequent
interaction with, so it’s important to choose wisely!

The team at Open Windows & Doors have assembled a few important things to
consider when selecting windows and doors for your new home.

Style of windows and doors to suit your home

Functionality is a primary consideration for most when choosing their windows and
doors, but it’s also important to work with the style of your home. Remember, you’ll
be living in it and showing it off to guests – so put some thought into how the
windows and doors match the overall aesthetic you’re going for.

Sliding doors and bifold doors look great in modern homes. Their ease of use and
functionality complements their emphasis on width and space that is characteristic of
modern architecture. Unobtrusive doors of this sort may also work well with a
‘minimalist’ aesthetic – giving your home a clean and uncluttered feel.

On the other hand, if you have more of a vintage style home, it might be the case
that the cosy feel of French doors is just what you need to set apart your new home.
When it comes to windows there are a lot of options and most are quite adaptable.
Horizontal sliding windows have quite a modern aesthetic, whereas double hung
windows (the vertical sliding relative) can introduce a feel of “yester-year”. Top hung
awning windows have a timeless look and a clean, shiny appearance with screens
fitted internally, and louvre windows enhance a modern styling and provide excellent

Generally the more “residential grade” products will have finer frames, so a more
“delicate” appearance, but some people like to upgrade to a heavier duty, more
commercial grade selection with wider framing and more robust appearance. Bulkier
frames are often required for larger spans so it’s worthwhile getting advice to help
with product selection.

Size and Angle of Spaces

Be sure to consider the space and functionality requirements of your windows and
doors. For example, a hinged door that swings in or out might seem perfect for your
cosy space – but consider how much space the arc of the opening door occupies –
especially when the room is filled with other furniture and people. Sliding doors don’t
take up any extra floor space so may be more suitable if space is tight.

With windows there are different things to consider. Awning and casement windows
open out so be sure there is nothing outside that will be in the path of the opening
sash that will clash. Another consideration is how they operate and whether it will be
difficult to reach hardware or to open and close. For example, if you have to reach
over a bench it may be easier to simply flip a louvre handle or wind out an awning
than to slide a sash up and down or sideways.

Making your home comfortable

Windows and doors can play a huge role in the home environment because they
interact with the outside world in so many ways. The glazed areas in a building help

control the transfer of air, light, temperature and sound, as well as being your visual
connection to the great outdoors.

By selecting the right window and door products you can maximise the control you
have over these elements and their influence on your home. Basic clear glass will
stop wind but is not so good for stopping heat from the sun, and will only have a
small impact on hot/cold transfer from the air outside and noise transfer. By selecting
glass with different properties you can increase the performance of your windows
and doors dramatically, and it is much more cost effective to get this right from the
start than to deal with it retrospectively. So spending a little more up front may save
you a packet down the track!

Open Windows & Doors have a wealth of experience in window and door
specification. If you’d like to discuss potential options for improving the style and
functionality of your new home – contact our friendly team today!