What do you think of when you consider a home sale inspection? Generally speaking, a lot of the personal decorations that make up a home are gone, and excess objects are removed from the show space to maximise the feeling of space for potential buyers. Often, the house is completely empty.

This means there will be an increased focus on the windows and the doors, which play such a large role in how a home looks and how it functions.  Potential buyers will be walking through every door and looking through every window, and with this in mind why wouldn’t you wish to put your best foot forward?

Here are some ways you could instantly add value to your home by installing new doors or windows.

Improve the Look of Your Home

Although you might not think about it, windows are in a way the aesthetic centrepiece of your home. They are the primary interface between views into your home and to the outside world. They control the light and air that comes in and also frame the views your property has to show off.

For instance, if your home has a modern feel and aesthetic, with clean sharp corners, open space and cool industrial colours then your home may benefit from the installation of louvre windows. With adjustable blades that open at an angle they can accentuate other angular features of a building. They also have a certain minimalist and utilitarian quality that is very popular.

If you want a more classic look perhaps change to double-hung windows (often called “sash windows”) to add the charm of yester-year – you even have the option of sash horns to mimic the look of the old timber type, but without constant repainting!

Or perhaps you have a great patio connected to a living room, but the doors aren’t currently doing it justice. Bifolding doors could be installed to provide maximum visibility when drawn to the side – converting your patio into an outdoor extension of your living area. 

Improved Insulation and Air Flow Control

Changing out your tired old sliding door to a brand new stacking door will create 30% more opening to help open up a room, as well as making a statement of style. A great way to entice potential buyers to dream about how soon they can move in!

Installing double glazing is a must, as it radically improves the thermal insulation of a home, giving potential buyers a sense of comfort to imagine themselves in. Not only that, but double glazing can greatly reduce noise pollution – great for homes near busy roads or noisy nightspots.

Improved Security

Not only do our aluminium windows and doors look chic and have terrific durability, but they also greatly improve the security of a home when compared to windows and doors from years past. Aluminium is very durable and unlike wood it won’t suffer the same effects of decay or rot.

Bad windows and doors at an open house inspection will stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re selling your home, put your best foot forward – contact Open Windows & Doors today and we’ll help you maximise your home’s value!