Bi-fold doors are a popular design choice for many Australian homes and it’s easy to see why. Solid in construction and easy to operate, aluminium bi-fold doors are a stylish solution for maximising space and creating the perfect indoor/outdoor living area for year round entertaining. At Open Windows and Doors, we have years of experience supplying aluminium bi-fold doors to create light, open and flexible spaces in many homes across Perth. Are you considering bi-fold doors for your home? Read on for our reasons why you should!

They Create the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Living Area

When open, bi-fold doors remove the barrier between your outdoor alfresco area and your indoor living space, creating one big entertaining area. When closed, the huge expanse of glass also provides a panoramic view of the outdoors.

You Can Tailor Bi-fold Doors to Suit Your Style

Aluminium bi-fold doors offer a huge amount choice when it comes to style. The durable powder coated finish is available in hundreds of colours so you can customise your bi-fold doors to suit the colour scheme and décor of your home.

They Flood Your Home with Natural Light

Whether open or closed, bi-fold doors allow maximum sunlight into your home turning a normally dark room into a bright and airy space. Aluminium bi-fold doors tend to have very slim frames, which gives the added bonus of a minimal amount of shadow cast inside by the door frames.

They Create the Illusion of Space

While bi-fold doors are generally used in larger openings, they are also perfect for more compact areas. They can help to create the illusion of more space because the slim frames and large expanses of glass help to draw the eye beyond the end of the room and into the outdoor area.

They are Modern and Stylish

Sleek and contemporary, installing bi-fold doors is a great way of modernising older properties, while the simplistic and minimalistic appearance of new homes will also be enhanced by bi-fold doors.

They Take Up Little Space Around the Entrance

Bi-fold doors fold back in a concertina effect so they take up only a very small amount of space when opened. This is great for maximising living space.

You Can Install Them Inside

Bi-fold doors are a practical and stylish solution for dividing up a room. Great for large open plan living areas, use them to separate off two rooms and have the option to open up them up for maximum space when needed.

They Increase Security

Featuring multi-point locking systems, internally beaded frames and high-security hinges, bi-fold doors will keep your home safe and secure.

They’re Easy to Maintain

Aluminium bi-fold doors require minimal maintenance. Each panel comprises of a frame and a single pane of glass so they all need is a regular wipe down to keep them looking spotless.

They Provide Seamless Operation

Modern aluminium bi-fold doors are designed with superior running systems which allow the doors to slide and open smoothly. High quality bi-fold doors often also include child-safe features to prevent fingers getting trapped between leaves when the doors are folded open.

Let the light in and link your garden to your interior with stunning bi-fold doors. At Open Windows and Doors, we are the experts in high quality aluminium bi-fold doors. To find out more about our folding doors and our door installation services in Perth, get in touch today. Call us on 1300 180 280 or enquire online.