Whether you are building or renovating and want to keep your old windows or if your windows are showing signs of wear and tear, you may be faced with the dilemma of whether to repair them or undertake a complete window replacement. Sometimes, just minor repairs can make your windows as good as new, and other times they might be completely beyond repair. At Open Windows and Doors, we are the local choice for windows replacement Perth homes and businesses know and trust. Here’s our guide to when you should repair and when you must replace your windows.

When You Should Repair

If a window can open then it has moving parts which can undergo a significant amount of wear and tear over time. However, wear and tear doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace a window completely. You should consider repairs if:

The Glass is Old, Cracked or Chipped

While a cracked pane of a glass in a window may seem troublesome to fix, it certainly does not mean you need to replace your whole window. Fitting new glass is a quick and affordable repair that will make your windows flawless and looking like new again.

When You Must Replace

They Lack Energy Efficiency

Older style timber windows may not be as energy efficient as modern aluminium windows. Timber frames can rot and if they even exist, seals can easily break down. If your old windows are letting the hot or cold air out of the house, they are no longer energy efficient and will lead to rising power bills.

If You Want to Add Value to Your Home

You wish to modernise your home to add value for reselling purposes, installing new windows will make a huge difference to the visual appeal and value of your property. If potential buyers see old windows, they may assume they aren’t energy efficient and think they will have to come up with the additional money to replace them. Making your home attractive to buyers will drive up the sale price and replacement windows are a simple way to do this.

Windows that drag or stick can be a terrible inconvenience and scratched or damaged frames can look unsightly and devalue your property. If you’re looking to convert existing openings to modern windows or if you are after a whole-house windows replacement that adds that final touch to your Perth renovation, then we have the aluminium solution for you.

The Open Windows and Doors team are the experts at supplying and installing new replacement windows across Perth. Offering high quality windows and doors, we can provide solutions that will seamless integrate into your home or renovation. Get in touch with us today by completing our online contact form or call 1300 180 280 or advice or a quotation request for windows replacement in Perth.