A sliding door is often underestimated in housing design. The right door will complement the rest of your interior décor or outdoor living space, while also serving many important functions. The trim and finish will add to the aesthetics of the room, the thickness of the door may help to muffle noises, and the design will either let in light or provide privacy.

Why Choose Sliding Doors?

Stylish sliding doors and stacker doors are an excellent option where you want wide, open doorways but don’t have space to accommodate folding or hinged doors. Often creating a decorative feature or focal point in a room, modern sliding doors are usually recessed flush with your floor level to reduce trip hazards and make the indoors flow into your outdoor entertaining areas. Sliding doors are a great option for both inside the home and external areas, allowing for an open plan, seamless flow between two spaces, while also allowing you to instantly close off an area when privacy is required.

Which Material Should I Choose?

The material that you choose will depend on the location of the door and how often it is going to be used. Aluminium is a great choice for both internal and external applications. Durable, light weight and requiring very little maintenance it’s easy to see why many people choose aluminium for their sliding doors.

Aluminium External Sliding Doors

Leading out onto an alfresco area or balcony, a sliding or stacking door is both a practical and stylish addition and by sliding or stacking to the left or right, both internal and external space is maximised.

For an external door that will be exposed to the elements and constantly opened and closed, sturdy aluminium frames are the perfect choice. Aluminium sliding doors can be powder coated in a wide range of colours to complement the existing colour scheme of your home and require very little maintenance. The construction of aluminium sliding doors allows them to create a very tight, energy efficient seal when closed, whilst also being lightweight and easy to use. There’s also a variety of screen options that can be added to keep out flies, insects and other pests whilst still allowing for airflow between inside and out.

Aluminium Internal Sliding Doors

Internally, sliding doors are the perfect solution for separating off different areas of your home without infringing on your living space, door panels can even slide into the wall cavity and tucked away when not in use. When looking an internal sliding doors, hard-wearing, heavy timber is more commonly used however aluminium internal doors with glass panels are elegant and have a nice aesthetic. They might be a good choice in areas of the house where you would like additional light as the glass panes will allow light to flow through whilst still providing privacy if obscure glass is used. The glass selection may also help with noise insulation, as thicker glass, more specifically laminated glass, acoustic laminated glass and double glazing options will have a great effect on noise reduction. Glazed sliding doors may be a good choice to lead from the living room to kitchen or dining area, as they will preserve much-needed space but allow for the separation of rooms when needed.

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