Your windows and doors are amongst the most important investments you’ll make in your home. Windows and doors allow fresh air and light into your home, and are a key concern for the security and energy performance of your home – not to mention the aesthetic value that great windows and doors add.

At Open Windows & Doors we believe in the highest quality aluminium products that strike that correct balance between functionality, security, and aesthetic value. We believe in our products so much that all of our products include a 10-year structural warranty so our customers have the added peace of mind when investing in new windows and doors.

If you live in the Perth area, we believe we are the company for you. But how do you know what to look for in a window and door company?

Here’s a guide to the essentials you should check for when considering using the services of a window and door company.


When planning a purchase as important as new doors and windows it’s paramount that you select a company with a reputation for excellence. You don’t want to pay good money for inferior quality products or poor installation, only to have to go out and find another company to come and fix the problems.

Word of mouth and online reviews can often help you make the right decision.

We believe in our products, that’s why we include a 10 year structural warranty on all our products. We are also incredibly proud of the work we do – and love to show it off to potential customers so that they can have a taste of our success and to provide them with inspiration for their own homes. Check out our Projects page for examples of our completed work.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Open Windows & Doors is an accredited member of the Australian Window Association (AWA), which means we must uphold the following requirements:

  • Our products are manufactured to comply with Australian Standards
  • Our products must be covered by a minimum 6-year guarantee
  • We participate in the AWA Accreditation Program and are audited by NATA accredited third party experts

High Quality Products

Our products are of great quality – that’s why we offer the 10-year structural warranty.

We love aluminium because it has a superior strength to weight ratio compared to timber or uPVC which means framing can be kept narrow if desired to maximise the glazed area. We also offer a range of powder coated finishes in a huge range of designer colours and a large range of product styles that cater to all aesthetics.

With our aluminium product you’ll get:

  • Product durability
  • Great strength
  • Design flexibility
  • A great range of colours and styles 

We Offer a Range of Services

It’s best to work with a company that also offers installation and replacement services for windows and doors that are old and tired.

We love to have repeat customers! One year you might be wanting to replace the windows and doors in your existing home, then a few years later you might decide to build an extension. By returning to our expert team you’ll have a crew that know your home, know your style, and know your practical considerations. We will also have the materials necessary to make sure your new product fits in seamlessly with the old.

When choosing a company – choose one that does the lot and thrives because it has an experienced team with local knowledge.

Open Windows & Doors are your local Perth window and door experts. Drop in, call us, or receive a free quote today!