Aluminium awning windows used in the dining area of a modern Perth with a view of the beach

Perth is a unique climate, and requires unique window solutions. Naturally, all our aluminium window solutions are ideal for Perth’s particular conditions, and with a wealth of experience, we know how to tailor our window solutions to the particular customer and home.

We like to think that all of our window solutions offer a sense of style, but it’s fair to say that some are more on trend while other remain classic.

Here’s a quick discussion of popular window trends in 2018.

Bifold Windows

Bi-fold windows have been becoming more popular in Perth of late. This is because they have a host of great features:

  • Indoor-outdoor flow: They offer a lot of width and height up to three metres, so bifolds can create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces
  • The illusion of space: This same effect also serves to enhance the feeling of space, so smaller rooms will feel roomy and larger rooms will feel epic!
  • The best views in town: When fully open Bifolds offer uninterrupted visual access to whatever they look onto so if you want to take in the glory of a sunset from the comfort of your lounge, bifolds give you a truly panoramic view
  • Offering more than a breeze: Where other windows allow airflow, opening bifolds effectively open a wall in your home, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoor air while inside the shady comfort of home.

More and more homes in Perth are being designed around outdoor living spaces, with the indoor living areas opening up onto these alfresco areas to create one large indoor/outdoor “room”. Many people are choosing to include servery areas for passing food straight out from the kitchen, and bifold windows are a great way to open up a servery space.

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows have been increasing in popularity due to their clean lines, excellent ventilation, and ease of use. When closed modern louvre windows are extremely secure, nothing like the old style used in “sleep-outs” throughout the country.

Given how well they can regulate air flows, it’s not surprising that louvre windows are gaining popularity in Perth.

Aesthetically louvre windows can be employed to create a style of ‘industrial chic’. Combined with mixed materials of wood, metal, CFC boards and exposed brick walls, the minimalism of the sharply defined blades is perfect for this style that avoids any unnecessary ornamentation. In this way louvres can be a perfect accompaniment to stainless steel kitchens, polished concrete floors, and industrial light fittings.

Black aluminium Louvre window installed in a modern lounge area of modern Perth homeAwning Windows

Awning windows have become much more popular in recent years because they offer an elegant appearance for a reasonable price. Because they open out from the bottom, just enough to let air in and light showers out, they won’t create the mixed lines that are apparent when sliding windows are open. They are also screened on the inside, so the reflective surfaces maintain continuity providing a clean, elegant aesthetic.

Many budget house designs will now incorporate awning windows on the front elevation to create a prettier “face” to your home, but we are finding many of our customers choose them through the entire house!

At Open Windows & Doors we get pretty excited following window and door trends. Pop in to see us, or contact us here and let’s see what creative window solutions we can find for your home!