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Windows and doors are such a common part of our everyday life that sometimes they go unnoticed. When was the last time your windows or doors were replaced? It could be many years if at all.

With so much else going on in our homes and professional lives, it’s easy to overlook when a window or a door needs to be replaced. It’s obvious when there is major damage, but it might be less obvious when it is general wear and tear that has accrued over time.

Here are some tips for navigating the replacement process – when to know that they need replacing, and what things to consider when you replace them.

When to Know Your Windows or Doors Need Replacing

Broken, Damaged, Warped

Sometimes windows and doors will remain operable even if they are damaged, warped, or broken. Sometimes, they might just need to be repaired to return them to full functionality. Other times, they will need to be fully replaced.

It can be tempting to ignore a faulty window or door – thinking you can get away with it for a while – but it’s better to address the problem sooner than later. Faulty windows and doors may dramatically effect temperature regulation in your premises by allowing in hot/cold drafts. Broken windows and doors can also cause further damage to the surrounding structures, costing you more time and money in the long term.

Even if not fully broken, damaged windows and doors are a safety hazard as they may fully collapse or malfunction at any time. It’s better to be safe than sorry and get new ones immediately.

How Much Energy Are You Using?

Windows and doors play a major role in regulating heat within your home or workspace. Windows and doors that allow drafts in may be increasing your energy bill without you knowing. Consider how high your energy bill is, your surrounding environment, and whether the windows and doors could be adding cost due to poor insulation and heat regulation.

Investing in better options now could save you a lot of money in the long run. Many people are surprised at how little extra it costs to upgrade to double glazing when replacing old windows and doors for new. Your new windows and doors should last decades so why not pay a little more initially and enjoy the benefits for years?

Time to Update Your Aesthetic?

Windows and doors are a functional part of your home but can sometimes be overlooked for the important part they play in the overall aesthetic of your home.

Choose windows and doors that will work with the overall style you want for your home or office, or discuss what you’re trying to achieve and get some advice from the experts. The old windows and doors that you’ve inherited with your house may not suit the new style you’re after.

Remember, that windows and doors are the primary interface with the outside world – people are constantly coming and going or looking through them. It is often said that “windows are the eyes of your home”, so choose wisely and let them help your home present a beautiful face to the outside world!

Things to Consider When Replacing Doors and Windows

If you decide to replace your windows or doors, don’t just rush to replace them with exactly you had in the first place.

Take the opportunity to improve your homes functionality and aesthetic value. Consider replacing simple door openings with large sliding doors or bifolding doors to maximise your use of space and natural light, and consider glazing options that will add value through electrical performance, noise reduction or privacy.

Perhaps it’s worth spending a bit more now to improve the insulation performance of your home with double glazed windows – you’d be surprised how much of a reduction this can make to your energy consumption with no effect on the aesthetic appeal.

Don’t put off improving your life today! If you think your windows or doors need replacing, contact the friendly experts at Open Windows and Doors. Our range of aluminium products will improve the style and functionality of your home at very competitive prices!