One of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient and reduce the amount of energy you use is to ensure your home is properly insulated. High quality double glazed windows are an effective solution that will help to lower your energy bills as they reduce the amount of heat can escape through your windows. All houses will lose some heat through their windows and doors but you can take measures to reduce this as much as possible. Open Windows and Doors are experts in double glazing, offering double glazed windows specifically designed to keep the maximum amount of heat in your home, providing excellent thermal protection and helping you save money during the cold winter months.

Double Glazing in Winter

Double glazing can save you money in the summer by reducing the loss of cool air generated by your air conditioning, however it is even more valuable in winter. When the temperature drops, we crank up our heating to keep those inside warm and comfortable. However, when warm air hits a single pane of glass, it is easily drawn outside into the colder air. Double glazing significantly reduces heat loss in winter, meaning your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard and that results in significant savings on heating bills.

How Does Double Glazing Reduce Heat Loss?

Up to 70% of the heat in your home can be lost through windows and doors so this is where double glazing becomes hugely beneficial. Double glazing is designed to slow heat flow, making your home more energy efficient. Using advanced technology, the inner pane of glass is specifically designed to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the window while the outer pane still allows heat from the sun to penetrate through and into your home. Two panes of glass make the window more insulated, as the thicker the glass is, the more difficult it is for heat to pass through it. Double glazing also traps air in between the two panes of glass, creating an insulating barrier that will stop heat being lost.

How Much Will I Save by Double Glazing My Windows?

The costs and savings will be different for every home, depending on its size and the quality of the double glazing. It’s estimated that on a standard house, you can save approximately $200-300 per year, with double glazing. Cost savings are also dependant on other factors within your home including:

  • The climatic conditions in your location — temperature, humidity, sunshine and wind
  • The building design of your home — the orientation, form and layout of the building
  • The building materials used — the amount of mass and insulation
  • The size and location of windows and shading

The Long Term Benefits of Double Glazing

While double glazed windows may cost more to install initially, a lot of the insulations costs can be saved over the lifetime of double glazed windows. Double glazing should be viewed as a long-term investment. They also add to the resale value of your home, not only adding to the energy efficiency rating of your property but increasing aesthetic appeal. While the initial cost may be off putting its important to think of the long term benefits installing new double glazing will bring to your home.

If you are wanting to increase the energy efficiency of your home and see yearly savings on your heating and cooling bills, then double glazed windows and doors are the obvious choice for your home. For professional advice on double glazing Perth homes and businesses know and trust, contact the friendly team at Open Windows and Doors today.