So you are thinking to replace the windows and doors in you house with double glazing! You might do it to keep the temperature more comfortable or to reduce the road noise, or simply to reduce your power bills. For even one of these reasons alone double glazing is surely the way to go!

Open Windows and Doors offers premium Aluminium windows and doors at less than 60%* of the cost of double glazing your windows with uPVC!!

*The cost percentage will vary depending on project and window type.

Perth uPVC windows only come in WHITE COLOUR. We give you aluminium windows in any colour you choose! Over time, the white plastic frames can stain and appear dirty, but not so with powdercoated aluminium.

We look after REPLACEMENT projects, NEW HOME projects, COMMERCIAL projects AND RENOVATION projects with all sorts of fitting methods. Many restrictions apply to sizing and installation of uPVC windows.

Aluminium windows easily out last uPVC windows. Aluminium windows can last the life of the house!! Whereas the manufacturers of uPVC windows recommend replacement after 15-20 years.

Aluminium is renowned for its strength to weight ratio and can take in large panels of glass (to suit your project). uPVC frames often need internal reinforcement!!

We are able to offer the complete choice of windows and door types. uPVC only offer a limited range of window type and some of them will burn a big hole in your wallet!!